Day 2. To give some background, I decided last week to follow strict CG until my cruise on the 16th because I will definitely be using silicones regularly for that week. I'm also experimenting with a bunch of new products, so most days I'm just randomly trying different stuff.
Anyway, co-washed with Ouidad Curls Co-Wash and used Ouidad Balancing Rinse as RO (rinsed completely). SS Protein Treatment as LI, combed. GVP LSG, combo rake and scrunch technique. Plop about 10 minutes, scrunch out extra water with flour sack towel, spritzed on some NPF and air dried. I would say this is about average work day hair for me, though certainly not what I would consider really good hair. But I'm too rushed to diffuse or anything else during the week. So I get a combo of wanna-be curls and gravity-defying ringlets. Attachment 35820Attachment 35821
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Goodness, woman! Your hair is gorgeous! The colour! The bounce! The cut! Amazing!
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Thank you so much! I love the cut, but I've been very frustrated lately because I feel like the curly bob is much less forgiving of my often sloppy and rushed styling techniques than when my hair was BSL. It's the main reason I've barely posted pics anywhere. Your compliment seriously just made my whole day

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