Hi ladies,

I just received a bottle of Kerapremium in the mail today and I'm excited to try my first every DIY keratin treatment!

I have very thick and coarse 3b hair. For the last couple of years, I've been getting keratin treatments in the salon and it has really helped keep my hair manageable while also allowing it to stay somewhat curly--just with less frizz and volume, and with looser curls. I'd like the same results when I try to do it myself, but I'm worried my hair will come out too straight. I have about 3 inches of virgin new growth and about 10 inches of hair that has been through a couple of rounds of keratin. Any tips on how I can make sure to keep some curl this time around?

Thank you!
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Search this forum for posts from me on this topic--I've posted extensively about root touch-ups and other ideas for retaining curl. I've been DIY BKTing with QOD products since 2009, and I wear my hair curly exclusively. I was a 3c/4a, now a BSL 2a/2b.
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