Okay, I seriously need to try this okra gel. Would you mind explaining the actual recipe you're using when you make your own? I don't do homemade anything except my gelatin PT, so I need the Okra Gel for Dummies version.
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Thanks pseudo-hair twin!! Currently, I am using BB's Mudd. I bought it on etsy. However, I have all the "ingredients" to make it myself but haven't...yet. I'm not good at DIY stuff either, as evidenced by all my failed attempts at making FSG, but I'm determined! I know it's time to replace what I have, too, because I noticed this morning it is starting to lose it's slimy, snotty consistency and feels more watery. I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out...but I might have to break down and order more from BB even though I left "neutral" feedback on her etsy page. oops.

Have you ever tried FSG? I have made several batches, and only 2 turned out half decent....but I also want to get that to work, too, since I think it works similarly but for me so far, doesn't have as much hold as the okra.

PS/ After seeing your pics on this thread, I think we're more hair twins than I originally thought! lol....maybe I have my properties a little off.
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I think we are pretty much hair twins. Possibly some differences due to living in different regions.

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