Day 2
Co-wash with VO-55 Moisture Milks passion fruit smoothie
RO: Nature's Gate biotin conditioner
Styler: Shea Moisture C & H Curl & Style Milk
Biosilk rock hard gelee

Plopped for 10 minutes
Claw clipped canopy for about five minutes, so not much root volume

CG since January and getting a regular trim today with my own products: Kinky Curly Come Clean (only because hairdresser would probably freak out if I just brought conditioner), Yes to Carrots pampering conditioner, SM C&H Curl & Style Milk, and BRHG

What I like best about going CG, is that I can touch my hair and it doesn't feel rough and it doesn't freak out. II is now long enough to flop in front of my shoulder and I'm constantly sliding my fingers over the softness.

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