My mom and most of her family always tell me to straighten it and so do the girls in my class, who all straighten their hair everyday. It annoys me so much and it kinda hurts because my hair is a part of who I am and it took me a long time to accept it and when I did (in 8th grade) a lot of people have made fun of me.

Even today, some really stupid kid who's on probation in one of my classes threw something at me and I proceeded to yell at him (in front of the class, not one of my better days) and then he said "Go away. Nobody likes you or your nasty ass hair."

I almost punched him, but then he got sent out of the room. (Side bar: I'm normally nice....ish. And I keep to myself mostly, but I'm quick to anger)

Why don't people accept that curly hair is a thing? Like, I didn't just decide to make my hair crazy one day and stick with it.