I also love coconut oil as a DT. I like the smell of the unrefined, but I do notice a weird smell in my hair on day two and three. I usually put it in at night and wash it out in the morning. It smells fine the first day. By the second day i start noticing a weird smell. It's not horrible but I don't particularly like it either. I tried the refined coconut oil, which doesn't have any scent, and it seems better. My hair feels just as conditioned and I don't get the weird smell in my hair. I don't know why the unrefined seems to turn all funky smelling on me, but I've switched back and fourth several times and I'm not imagining things. Maybe it's like milk going off when it gets old. I'm guessing that something in our body chemistry may react with the coconut oil and we just happen to be unlucky in the way the scent develops on us. Give the refined a try and see what you think.
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