I got a question. I loove coconut oil on my scalp and it helps get rid of the flakes and makes it not itchy but when I used it overnight like i dont know if you saw waterlilly716's coconut oil scalp treatment. well I did it like her and when I woke up my scalp smells awful. Like puke???? Needless to say I haven't done it sents. The real question is, when I put coconut oil on my scalp after I shampoo in the morning sometmes, it doesn't smell throughout the day.
Does anyone have this problem or know why it smells bad when I wake up and not during the day??
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If you have an itchy and flaky scalp that sometimes smells you would be best to get a formal diagnosis from your family doctor. It's possible you have a yeast overgrowth or bacterial infection that needs addressing.
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