Very interesting!

You're saying the sulfates in shampoos make hair more porous. It this permanent to those strands or can that actually be repaired?

It's also interesting about long deep conditioner sessions. Can you point me to those articles?

When you talk about using coconut oil to reduce porosity and protect from protein loss, do you mean using it as a sealer after all other products are applied? Or do you mean using it in general to condition the hair?

I don't know if my hair is porous or not, but I'm starting to think it is. Gray hair tends to be porous anyway.
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Hair is dead so nothing can be permanently repaired. You can patch up some of the damage with certain ingredients in products - hydrolysed proteins, ceramides, 18-MEA, panthenol, cationic surfactants and fatty alcohols - but the effect is always temporary.

The Natural Haven blog and the 'curl chemist' articles here on NC are all worth reading when you have time
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More geeky science
Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair - Clarence R. Robbins - Google Books
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