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Yeah, I had that hair too, in 7th grade. If I can find my school pic, I will post it. With me it had nothing to do with wanting a different curl pattern. I had curly hair until age 3, it went straight, and my natural curl started coming back around 14. During the 80's, when body waves were all the rage, I wanted one. My mom dropped me off at the salon, and the woman ruined me. I was 12, my hair was down to my butt, she cut it to the middle of my back, and by the time she was done it was above my chin and I had a 3 inch chemical burn on my neck. She used the smallest rollers, or blue hair specials as I like to call them.

Other than that I have had my hair buzzed, had it dyed any and every color you can think of, went from beautiful tighter curls that were down to the middle of my back to a crazy short cut that looked like a bush. All thanks to Drew B's hair in Boys On The Side. The last traumatic injury brought me here. I asked for a dark blonde/light brown hair color with some highlights around my face. The man who had been doing my hair for 7 years decided jet black with white skunk stripes would be better. My hair was horribly damaged and reduced to a slight wave. I had to go through several color corrects, but it's bouncing back.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??