Thanks, I will read them when I get a chance . I wonder once all the sulfate washed hair grows out if my hair will be different...
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Quite possibly, there is a redheaded curly over on the Long Hair Community who has/ had a dermarcation line in her hair from when she quit sulphates! I know what just 1% sulphates do to the skin so it's no stretch to imagine they are equally destructive to hair since that is dead and cannot repair itself.

I'm trying to replenish the lipids that I have lost from chemical treatments, can't find any CG friendly products that contain 18-MEA, but am using products containing ceramides, palm oil and coconut oil regularly. And *hopefully* not stripping too much more of the lipids or proteins because I conditioner-only wash and avoid UV light.

Successful CG seems to me to be science, good fortune and perseverance in equal measures!
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Once I find out my actual hair properties, I'm going to try to attack it with science I'll have to figure out exactly what I need, then what each ingredient does what, and voila! Perfect hair! (LOL) Yeah, I know, it's not that straightforward, but I can certainly make improvements.

The article above about SLS and eczema is interesting. One of my daughters has mostly mild eczema with an occasional flare. I wonder if the SLES in her shampoo aggravates it.
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