Aw, thanks Corrina. But your hair always look awesome. I look the length right now and how you style it sideswept. Is it harder to get second day hair with shorter hair? Sometimes I see all these lovely short dos on the site and I just feel like getting a haircut. But then I'm afraid it'll wind up being less convenient. . .
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Thank you! I've rarely gotten second day hair, even when my hair was BSL, partly due to lifestyle (lots of karate and weight training) and partly due to major frizz. But once in a blue moon I could pull it off. With the short hair, I don't stand a chance of second day hair. I take my hair out of pineapple and it's sticking out in every possible direction. I do feel like it was easier to take care of when it was longer, with the exception of detangling- I get zero tangles at this length, which is awesome.

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