I have horrible acne scars all over my face. Its funny because during my teenage years my face was clear. In fact it was clear until just a year ago before i all of a sudden started getting horrible acne and it left tons of scars (im 20 by the way so it's weird that it happened now i think).

Heres some pics of the damage
Acne scarring-uploadfromtaptalk1370461761568.jpg
Acne scarring-uploadfromtaptalk1370461798637.jpg

This week i started using hydroquinone 2% on my spots only
Acne scarring-uploadfromtaptalk1370461861967.jpg

And glycolic acid cream on my whole face
Acne scarring-uploadfromtaptalk1370461921377.jpg

After much research and reviews i decided to use these products even though i know the risk of the HQ. Its supposed to be okay if you use as directed. Anyway, after about four days i noticed the dark spots on my left cheek look lighter : ) i will continue using but will not use for over 3 months. Hopefully i can get rid of these scars. So it may work for you just do your research.

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