I went from having a job for the next year to having none because the family I am staying with can no longer afford to host me for another year. I will be 28 this year and being an au pair for another year may not be possibly, and a little inconvenient since I really want to go to uni. At the very least I can babysit part-time for a steady income that would allow me to find a cheap place, but I have 1 paycheck left for my contract, 2 months
before my visa expires, and 3 months before I can work. Going home is not an option because I will be stuck in a place I so not want, but I'm afraid that I can't make it on my own. Im afraid.

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Sorry you lost your job. What kind of visa do you have? Is it tied to your job.? Maybe you can get a temporary or a student visa. Maybe the family will let u live there free or rent the room until you can work.
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I have a student visa, but it's tied into me having a place to stay so that is my biggest problem right now. I'm asked about them renting the room out to me but I won't have a reply until tomorrow, and I think it will be negative.

I just sent out my CV to every place I could think of and tomorrow I'm back to doing the same thing. I have a headache from all the stress.
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