Day 4....

same routine as before... alba naturals coconut low poo, snc RO and LI. Blot, hour plop, and air dry. Unfortunately it's so dang hot here already, and especially in my upstairs that I was melting getting out of the shower and it's pretty loose/limp/frizzy today. This is where my conditioner only styling fails lol. I imagine by the end of the day I will be a frizzy mess. I am thinking I will put it up somehow now that's it's mostly dry so I am at least comfortable today and not dying from the heat. I would NOT rate this a good hair day lol. It does look a little better in person... I have trouble getting pics that really show the curl, and shine.

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It looks gorgeous!!! I think everyone is being a little hard on their hair assessment today because, from what I can see, everyone's hair is looking like a good hair day
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