This is day 3 of the challenge, but day 14 since going CG for me.

I didn't use a shampoo, just rinsed really well, then DevaCurl One C as a RO. I added SheaMoisture C&H Curl and Style Milk to very damp hair and plopped. I diffused and went to bed, where my pineapple fell out, again. In the morning I got it damp again and added KC Spiral Spritz to smooth down the canopy. I haven't been very happy with how it's felt up until now, so I left out most of the styling things to try to identify what makes it feel soft, and then I'll start adding stuff from there. That's today's plan. It'll be different tomorrow.

It's not great, but I am seeing progress. I took this picture after getting home from work, and it looked curlier than it felt, so that was cool. The other side is curlier, but I accidentally deleted the picture.
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Beth Started CG May 22, 2013
2C low porosity(?), high density, medium-coarse
Summer dew points: 65 - 75F
  • No-poo: Suave Naturals
  • RO: Matrix Total Results Moisture
  • LI/Sealer: SheaMoisture C&H Style Milk
  • Style: AG Re:coil and Biolage Gelee
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