I have horrible acne scars all over my face. Its funny because during my teenage years my face was clear. In fact it was clear until just a year ago before i all of a sudden started getting horrible acne and it left tons of scars (im 20 by the way so it's weird that it happened now i think).

Heres some pics of the damage
Attachment 35885
Attachment 35886

This week i started using hydroquinone 2% on my spots only
Attachment 35887

And glycolic acid cream on my whole face
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After much research and reviews i decided to use these products even though i know the risk of the HQ. Its supposed to be okay if you use as directed. Anyway, after about four days i noticed the dark spots on my left cheek look lighter : ) i will continue using but will not use for over 3 months. Hopefully i can get rid of these scars. So it may work for you just do your research.
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It doesn't look to me like you have true scars. It looks like you are in an active acne infection, with lesions at various stages of eruption and healing. It can take about 6-12 months for full healing of old lesions, but, unfortunately, if you're still actively breaking out, you will have new lesions in the healing phase, so it seems like the lesions never fully heal and are therefore scars. They are not. The trick is to cure the acne and the dark marks (called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) will heal on their own.

That hydraquinone product won't really doing anything. It's non-prescription strength and is really just a glorified moisturizer, and, depending on it's ingredients, may actually clog your pores and contribute to more breakouts. Same with the glycolic cream...acids don't work very well in moisturizing bases, because the acid is too buffered to be acidic.

I would suggest you see a dermatologist to clear up your active acne and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how well the old lesions heal.