I am Indian and I have beautiful jet black curly hair. I have always loved my hair and have had people telling me that they think it looks gorgeous.
I use coconut oil, mild shampoos, frequent deep conditioning treatments and some great styling products to keep my curly healthy and shiny.
I have a lot of bad hair days when i cannot take proper care of my hair due to traveling or work. My hair becomes dry and frizzy very easily so I have to be very careful.
My only concern so far has been getting the right haircuts. I have been to many salons till date and always had a bad haircut or just walked out because the stylist didn't understand my needs or rather, lets say she didn't understand curly hair.
Whenever I go for a haircut the stylist will brush my hair spray it with water and then do the haircut. When done, I usually ask for it not to be blow dried because I know the harms of it for curly hair. Then she'll leave it like that and my haircut looks so gross because the harsh combing had already made my hair frizzy and dry.
I have asked for dry haircuts or stylists who are specialized in styling curly hair but I was always disappointed.
How do you indian girls get your haircut done? Do you ask for a dry haircut? It would be great if anyone can recommend salons in Pune or Mumbai.
Someone here said it just right. In India, curly hair is considered a pity. They comb it, oil it and just tie it into a plait. But off lately, I have started seeing a lot of change, thanks to communities like naturally curly.