Hello Curlies...to make a long story short..
For many years I had waist length 3B curls. I dyed my hair 2x a couple months ago because of premature white hairs.. Ever since the dye job my hair lost its curl pattern and became wavy in the back and 3A in the front. My hair looked dull, frizzy and raggedy..so impulsively, I chopped it up to my collar bone to regrow it healthy..

..I heard biotin was amazing for hair growth. I am seeing fast hair growth and super fast nail growth, but noticing breakouts?????? Is this a coincidence, or has anyone else experienced a correlation between Biotin and acne?

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It's really common with overly high dosing of biotin, you didn't find that in your research? People take megadoses of that stuff and the body tells them it is under stress. Nutrients work synergistically and in opposition, randomly supplementing one or a small group can do more harm than good. Instead consider cleaning up your diet so it is as anti inflammatory and nutrient dense as possible. Once your body has optimum amounts of ALL the nutrients it needs for healthy skin, nails and hair it will grow them without clear signs of stress. Encourage and nurture growth, don't bully or force it.
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Also when you dye your hair do the recommended strand tests, please don't use your hair and body as some sort of laboratory experiment. Coconut oil is wonderful for colour damaged hair.
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