I recently started my natural hair journey (yay me!) and need help. I just joined the forum today too I have looked through many blogs and forums not to mention watched countless videos. The wealth of information from you all is absolutely amazing.

Does anyone have recipes for making homemade shampoo and conditioner bars to share please? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS. I hope this is the best part of the forum to ask this.

Stay blessed!!
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Hi Sochique!

I don't make shampoo/condish bars (mostly because my hair HATES them!), but the blog crunchybetty.com has a few helpful recipes HTH!


Quick'n'dirty protein mask:

2 TBSP warm water
1/8 tsp citric acid

Add: 1/2 pkg gelatin
1 egg yolk
1 TBSP coconut oil

Slathered on wet hair and let it sit for a few minutes. My curls are sooo happy now!
3A/2C | fine | high-po length, low-po roots | medium density | shoulder-length

Shower Time!
Treat: EVCO
Co-Wash: DE Unscented Condish with added lavender and tea tree EOs
Condish: DE Coconut Condish with added local honey

After Shower: Homemade FSG with added gelatine

+ bi-weekly protein DIY treatments (gelatin and egg yolk)
+ mindful nutrition