I truly hope so because ive never had dark spots like this so im really motivated to make them go away. Unfortunately i cannot afford a derm so i will have to work the acne out myself. For a cleanser im using the mary kay velocity and i also have their acne medication set too. Thanks for the advice : )
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If you can't afford medical care, then please at least use effective products for acne. A low-level benzoyl peroxide used daily all over the face as a preventive can work very well. Acne.org carries a great version of 2.5% BP at an affordable price. They also have a good cleanser that isn't damaging and an effective non-acne-causing moisturizer, all in large sizes at good prices. They carry a good-quality AHA too, if acids are your thing. Read the whole acne.org site. Good info there.

I'd keep away from Mary Kay cleansers, and please dump those hydrocortizone and glycolic acid products you pictured above...they won't do you any good at all, and will probably just cause more acne.