I get those also! I'm 2b (I think) but I've been getting them since going "intentionally CG" with the leave-ins and PTs and DTs and whatnot. I love them! Wish I had them all the time but they grace me with their presence every once in a while (well actually, usually on wash days) and well I feel... proud? Is it strange to feel pride at a tubey curl? lol!
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I started getting them right after going CG as well. I get them in the back in the underlayer, so they're my secret tubey curls
Salt & pepper wavy mix 2B/2C
Low to normal porosity, coarse, kinky, normal elasticity
Current favorites:
Low poo: Yes To Cukes Color Protection (the no sulfate one)
Conditioners: Renpure MPHIP, CJ Smoothing Lotion, AB LI, CJ Curl Rehab, CJ Argan/Olive, Darcy's Pumpkin
Style: FSG, BRHG
Pre-poo/DT: Conditioner with honey & coconut oil

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