I did some searching this week at my local shops and didn't find anything like a ponio. I'll probably try and find something online but what about elastic silk bands? Since it's silk I imagine it'd be easier on the hair but because it's elastic I wonder if it would make the silk rougher and if it wouldn't really change anything.

As for the hairband, I wear one at home but it's not really an option I'd be comfortable with at work just yet. I find it hard to feel comfortable with a pony tail even though it's still kind of doable. As an ESL teacher I work with a lot of children as well as co-workers who are just rude and inconsiderate, I get so many "cut your hair" or "you look like a girl" comments. Just yesterday I was doing a demonstration class outside and a parent who's child was my student when I had short hair said somethings about my hair to my co-worker. I understood she at least said I looked more handsome with short hair and she might have said more but then my co-worker immediately started saying she hates me hair and thinks I should cut it.

Firefox, since you use Inecto, do you think it would also work well if I used it as a leave in? Have you tried the shampoo/would you recommend it? Any advice for DIY leave ins?

I tried using an extra bit of mousse the other day and this was the result. Just a normal conditioner/shampoo and I tried to plop and scrunch though I'm still not sure if I'm doing it right haha. This was after being in the sun for a few hours which may be why my scalp is red but am I skipping a step? My hair wasn't fully dry but the hair pulled together and you could easily see my scalp in many places. I tried rubbing the root area a little to break up mousse and the result was a lot of flakes. Not sure how to control the flakes on my scalp. It might have been from the mousse because generally I don't see flakes in my hair but I do know my scalp seems to produce flakes. Anyway it look a lot better after switching shirts a few times and getting home.

1 and 2 are to give you an idea of how easy it was to see my scalp. 3 is after I tried breaking up the hair a bit. 4 is later that evening after sweating/changing shirts/etc.
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