And I will elaborate.

Black people. My closest guess of a Black person is a person with African ancestry. Can be 100% or mixed out. Whatever. Usually stand up people.

Africans. Still. Great set of people. They ROCK!

Looking like either of these. Still Black in the US. Yeah we are so behind. But it is what is. Usually STILL great people.

Then you got *****s(ers). Ign'ant MFs. (yes. Ign'ant. Ignorant is not knowing better. Ign'ant is not CARING to know or do better.) I mean The people you hate to be around because they WILL make you look bad.

Every "race" has a derogatory term for the worst of their people. And though it didn't START as a separate term, but it has become just that.

As Chris Rock said "I LOVE Black people!! But I hate *****s!!"

I repeat this DAILY!!!!

Now people can get mad and say "we" are supposed to be loud, ghetto and ratchet as hell. But I don't think that's right.