Hi everyone,

Thanks for all of the suggestions and tips, ladies! I had initially inquired about doing my first at-home keratin treatment to save money and get at just the roots (which my hair stylist wasn't willing to try, even if I paid full price). I ended up purchasing a bottle of Kerapremium (blue label) and I am thrilled with the results! I washed all of my hair with my regular shampoo (Pureology) and conditioned the lower two thirds of my hair (also Pureology) where I didn't want to lose any curl. I applied the Kerapremium to the roots only and stopped combing it through about a half-inch past the new growth. I followed the rest of the instructions, passing the 450 degree iron over the roots about 5 times and the rest of my hair just once. I waited 48 hours, washed, and was so happy to see that my hair turned out exactly the way I wanted! Much less volume, no frizz, and somewhere between beach waves and loose curls. There are a few small sections here and there that I would want to touch up, but I'd say for a first-timer I did a pretty good job. I was also surprised by how little I was bothered by the fumes. With the Brazilian Blowout, my nose would run constantly and my eyes would burn so much that I kept them closed for the entire process. With this brand, I would just walk to the window for a couple of minutes and come back for breaks every now and then and I was fine. The only time my eyes burned/nose ran was when I was blow drying the pieces around my face.

All in all, I'm happy to have taken the risk and I look forward to improving my technique and saving money in the months and years to come.