I'm having the most frustrating experience with my hair (4a). I decided that I was going to take care of my hair myself (no more salons). So....I did my research, put together a regimine, got up the courage and off I went.

The problem is, my curls are breaking off! It's growing, but constantly breaking off at the ends. Simply finger combing causes small clumps of curls to break off the ends

My bi-weekly routine for the last 3 months is as follows:

Hot oil treatment (EVOO covered with a cap and a warm towel for an hour)
Wash (Shea Moisture)
DC (30 mins to 1 hour)
Rinse, add leave in
Seal w/Jane Carter Solution Nourish and Shine
Protective Style (Flat twist/Two strand twist combo)

I was doing a protein treatment along with this at first but it left my hair extremely hard, even after DC. After DC I usually just finger comb my hair but it still comes off right on my fingers. I'm not thinning at all, no history of hair loss in my family....It's just breaking off at the ends just as fast as its growing.

It's frustrating enough to make me want to run to the salon for a sew in ASAP....but I'm seriously trying to hang in there.

Any advice would be welcome. Thanks Curlies!