Sorry about the late reply. I've been extremely busy and had a little one come down with an ear infection this week.

Anyway, no my doctor hasn't made a diagnosis.

Yes, I am currently expecting, 4-5 months along. As far as my diet goes, I suffer extreme morning sickness throughout the duration of my pgcy. I eat as healthy as I can but a lot of what I eat is often based on whether or not it stays down. I know dehydration is always a concern for me because of this.

FireFox~I don't recall that our Walmart carries the Curls brand, but I will be sure to check the next time I go. Thank you for the recommendation.

For my info:
Tresemme Naturals
LA Looks Gel (blue, green, yellow)
V05 (mint for hard water, moisture milks)
BioSilk Rock Hard Gellie
Shea Moisture
Curls line products

If it's not listed here, I've either tried it (Suave, Aussie, Garnier) or my stores don't carry it (Yes to..., Giovanni TTTT).

Again, thank you everyone for your recommendations!
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