I think you should write the negative review. First of all your terrible haircut. She refused to cut the way you asked her to. That's primary.
But I also think it's important to be treated with respect and not kept waiting.
And I won't allow anyone to pressure me into buying products.

I've had a couple of stylists I stopped going to due to lack of respect. One took calls on her cell phone in the middle of doing my hair. The other kept me waiting each time I went for an appointment. Then the first time I was a few minues late due to trouble parking, I walked in and she was on the phone calling me to ask where I was. The last straw was when she cancelled apppointments with me twice. Both of these (unlike your stylist) were pretty inexpensive. But I still want to be treated with respect even if I have to pay more.

I would suggest you stay away from that salon. Try to find another good stylist, either via word of mouth or reviews on this site. Go to that person for a consult and ask them what they can do to help you transition your hair back to the way you want it.

Sorry this happened to you. It will grow back.