Hi I'm Emilie. I'm 12.

I have 3b hair. And unfortunately, my hair type isn't fashionable to the clique of girls my age, nor attractive to the boys I'm also training to make a competitive cheerleading team, SO I SWEAT ALOT. <---doesn't help my hair situation. I love my curls, I wish they were longer. But nobody else my age does. They all flat iron their hair.

And I discovered "Japanese hair straightening" the results looked great. A woman in my area seemed to be expert at it, and her price was good. She told me once she straightened my hair, I would never have curly hair again. Only the new hair that grew would be curly. It that true? Will I never see my blonde curls again?!

How long does keratin last? DOES IT BURN!!??

Should I go with keratin or Japanese straightening?