I absolutely believe so. I am biracial and I experience it. I am 21 now, but when I was 15 in H.S a girl said to me: "I am not racist, but I do believe there is a difference between blacks and n******." One of the most ignorant statements I have ever encountered.
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Sucks but when you get older, sometimes you DO learn the difference.

And I'm black so that's saying something.
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I honestly believe that reinforcing something like that is going to continue judgement from other individuals- separating people into a positive category and a derogatory category.

I do understand your perspective; it is an african american individual who doesn't abide by the stereotypical heuristics that the media/society set out for them. However, then there is the stereotypical black individuals that further reinforce others to say, "Oh, typical n*****."

There are people who tell me, "You talk 'white'" and it makes me wonder that I don't fit the racial schemata of how they think black people should be. Thus, there is this category that others section off black people to act, dress, etc. I try to see others as one individual. For example, if I see a young black male with his pants down, and doesn't speak proper english (THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE) I don't want to stand there and think to myself: 'Now THAT'S a n*****' because I would be further putting ONE person in a negative category. I try to break that frame of mind because when you point your finger at someone, there are always three fingers pointing back at you.
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