I got some xantham gum this weekend but all I could find for marshmallow was the capsules. Gave it a shot anyway. Just broke open a couple in the water with the okra. Seemed to work fine but I just got globs in the gel from the xantham gum. I don't have an immersion blender to break those up (on my wish list for sure lol) I am going to try to strain the clumps out and give it a shot. Any ideas how to get it in there without having chunks? I even tried to dissolve it in water first and still lumpy
2C/3a, Medium Texture, Normal porosity, High Density, Normal Elasticity (so says the LCLF Hair analysis)
Co Wash: As I am
RO: Yes To Carrots / Ion
LI: Biotera / Samy Big Curls Defining Cream
Gel: FSG, Volumax (Original and Mega)
Color: Henna
Tools: Diffusing