Hmmm. . . interesting. I bet if we took a poll most of the wavycurlies would say styled and the kinkycurlies naked. I have a bone to pick though--I don't think generally styled hair (read: a bit of product and scrunching) is as "manipulated" as straightened hair. For most of us (speaking for wavy-curlies, sorry for being your unofficial spokeswoman guys) it takes intense heat to make our hair straight and just a bit of coaxing to define the curl. We're not encouraging anything our hair wouldn't do naturally, essentially.
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Some people admit to some pretty intense routines than were more involved than their pre-CG lives. I think if you have to plop for 20 minutes and apply all these gels to preserve it, you are creating some curls. No shame in the game though. It's no different that a type 4 doing a twist out.