Hmmm. . . interesting. I bet if we took a poll most of the wavycurlies would say styled and the kinkycurlies naked. I have a bone to pick though--I don't think generally styled hair (read: a bit of product and scrunching) is as "manipulated" as straightened hair. For most of us (speaking for wavy-curlies, sorry for being your unofficial spokeswoman guys) it takes intense heat to make our hair straight and just a bit of coaxing to define the curl. We're not encouraging anything our hair wouldn't do naturally, essentially.
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I agree, I base mine off of styled as well. My hair is 3c hair, & when naked & air dryed, its so frizzy you can't tell what it is. (I'm exaggerating a little) but honestly. Even while wet & naked I have a little frizz, but its the same curl pattern. My hair just needs product for clumps, even if its just conditioner.