Yes, but I don't use magnesium sulphate as I've heard it's very drying. I'm sure a lot us don't for the same reason. And a lot of us air dry. I'm sure there are some whose styling routines are very involved but honestly, I think they're just wasting their time. It's not going to change anything. If you can get your hair to look 2C for a few hours but it's not there at the end of the day, that to me seems like too much time and effort. Unless it's a special occasion like a wedding or a date and you feel like something new. . .

The point is your curl pattern is your curl pattern. If you manage to get it to the point you bump your hair "up" a level, it doesn't mean your hair isn't going to loosen by the end of the day, like you said. A curl that isn't truly there will fall out and in order to get it back, you might have to rewet and style all over again. That's too much trouble and deep down, we know that. And I think all of us figure out soon enough what our curl pattern generally is. When I say you know what your curl pattern is when you see it "styled", I'm talking about an average--what you tend to see day in and day out, even regardless of weather, styling, and product, your hair is gonna look more or less like this. Since curl pattern, especially with my hair type is highly variable depending on what you do to it, I think this is the best measure.

When I first started CG I was so excited by these sharpie size curls that sprung up around my neck. I figured with time I might be a 3B, but it didn't take me long to realize, nope. Dusa, you're crazy. That is not my hair. 3Bs have super tight curls and strong root curl. (I think Music Junkie is a great example of what a true 3B looks like.) Their hair tends to be much more uniform in its pattern. And even if I were to take curl formers and go, oh hey, look at what my hair can do--that is not gonna be the case. So I know that my hair is a hodgepodge of different textures, wavy and curly, but that it will look mostly 3A so long as it's well moisturized and I use enough product to clump it. That is my so-called "type" because my hair, more or less, always looks the same.

I think a lot of wavy-curlies fall into a spectrum where we can wear our hair looser and unassisted, but it's gonna look like a big old bush. But with a modicum of assistance, it will be defined (not enhanced), but gathered together so it's not all helter skelter. I'm sure that's how most of us feel the first time we realize, oh my God, this is what my hair is supposed to look like. No wonder it looked so terrible before. Because it wasn't clumped. I know that's how I felt back in November when I first did CG! And now I'm helping my mother with her waves at the moment and the first time I got her to air dry with just leave in and gelly she was so astonished. She said, "This is the first time in my life my hair looks flat and not so not bushy." And to me I felt that it was the first time in her life she saw her hair in its natural state. I might be wrong. . . but I think I'm not.

Anyways, thanks, for the votes of confidence, ladies. Good to know I'm not alone. Yeah my hair without product frizzier than without. Although you know it gets less and less frizzy and more defined as time goes on. It may still be recovering from a lot of what I deem "manipulation", read: brushing, blow-drying and flat irons.
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THIS. is what I'm saying lol