I think, particularly if you have a weak wave pattern and/or are in the 2s, there's no way not to manipulate your hair. If you airdry, the water weight will pull down the wave. If you play with your hair while wet/damp/drying that can upset the clumps and cause a cottony fuzz. For my hair, if I rinse my hair straight down, the weight of the water running down my hair manipulates it. If I rinse my hair while holding it up as explained in the CG handbook, am I manipulating it? Sure, but not more than the water ruining gate sight down would be manipulating my hair.

I always thought I had 2a hair, and that my scrunched 2b hair was somehow cheating. But then I realized I used to get out of the shower and flip my head around like a dog to get out excess moisture, so duh that's manipulation! That's why I had zero clumps and was very frizzy! And it looked straighter, but not in a good way at all. Now I realize my 2a look was just distressed 2b all along.

For the weaker wave patterns out there, I think a bit of scrunching without product is manipulation only to counteract the manipulation from gravity. It's not a big deal. But anyway curl pattern isn't as important as other properties.