I just decided to do a half updo stolen from waterlily716 couple rope braids turned into buns. Looks pretty cute I have been looking for some protective styles that aren't a boring ponytail! It gets hot here and my hair is HEAVY!
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This is gorgeous! I can't wait until my hair is long enough for this!

Day 7:

Dewpoint: 5
Weather: 16oC, 45% Humidity

Low-Poo: Mixture of Aubrey Organics Blue Camomile Shampoo AND Conditioner, local honey, water, and some EOs
Detangle: KCKT
Condish: Desert Essences Coconut Conditioner
Style: Scrunch in KCCC in a supersoaker/scrunch-and-pump method. Clipped, and let air dry. Took out the clips when it was about 50% dry (needed to get out the door!). There was no crunch to scrunch out later!

Overall, I like the shape but this KCCC doesn't hold my curls very well. These pics were about 4 hours ago, and they've already fallen and become poofy. I think I may be over moisturized again, and will return to the protein-balancing conditioner to see what happens! Oh, and I got some wacky curls that stuck out of my head. See below:

I'm so glad this challenge is over -- taking pictures of myself every day was painful. HOWEVER, it's been a great opportunity to document my first week as CG!!!
3A/2C | fine | high-po length, low-po roots | medium density | shoulder-length

Shower Time!
Treat: EVCO
Co-Wash: DE Unscented Condish with added lavender and tea tree EOs
Condish: DE Coconut Condish with added local honey

After Shower: Homemade FSG with added gelatine

+ bi-weekly protein DIY treatments (gelatin and egg yolk)
+ mindful nutrition