I got some xantham gum this weekend but all I could find for marshmallow was the capsules. Gave it a shot anyway. Just broke open a couple in the water with the okra. Seemed to work fine but I just got globs in the gel from the xantham gum. I don't have an immersion blender to break those up (on my wish list for sure lol) I am going to try to strain the clumps out and give it a shot. Any ideas how to get it in there without having chunks? I even tried to dissolve it in water first and still lumpy
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This is exactly how I've ruined multiple batches of FSG and okra gel. Xanthan, IMHO, is hard to use.

One time, I got it to work by adding it as soon as I strained the liquid, while still really hot. I had my hubby sprinkle it in really lightly while I whisked like a crazy woman. But I still had to re-strain; there were a few little clumps.

The immersion blender works best so far. This last batch, I blended right after I strained and added the xanthan gum, while hot. THEN added the rest of my ingredients. This helped a lot with the air bubbles/ foam from the blender.

Do you have a hand mixer? Like the one with two wisks with a handle you turn?

Or a regular blender?

I'm going to experiment with adding some of it while its still in the pot boiling and see if that works. Although it may make it difficult to strain.

Yea, I tried to mix it water first and ended up with one big blob!
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