Innovative, Dusalocks!

What would be more easily comprehensible to me would be something like this:

F = Fine
N = Normal (or: M = Medium)
C = Coarse

L = Low
N = Normal (or: M = Medium, whichever one we end up going for)
H = High

P = Porosity
D = Density
E = Elasticity

So I would be:
F - LP - HD - NE

Aqua_Lily would be:
N - NP - HD - HE

Dusalocks would be:
C - HP - HD - NE

Just to name a few examples of how it would work. This sounds much more logical to me, and might be easier to understand since I simply used the initial letters of each word.
Originally Posted by Lauraimes
Ooh! +1 for this!!
Those darn i's are still confusing.
I can read this straight through without using too many brain cells

But maybe we should use M for everything since it makes more sense for width.??
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