I haven't seen a post about this, only for hypothyroidism. So I was just diagnosed with Grave's disease last week, which was devastating enough especially since I've lived an extremely healthy lifestyle (no smoking, work out 3-6x a week, eat like a bunny, etc.).

But now I've noticed that I am losing my curl, having weird breakage and a hell of a lot of grays. I was a 3c, but I'm slowly becoming a 2c, with less volume. ::cry

Has anyone experienced a reversal of these hormone imbalances when they were balanced out (meds)? Any ideas that will help me to prevent breakage (as humanly possible)?

I've ditched my comb, I only finger comb now. I don't do a pineapple any more, just a loose french braid at night. No tight head bands, no gel. Have a satin pillow case.

I just use Jessicurl Cleansing Cream, 50:50 Giovanni Conditioner (as a leave-in), Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and black Castor oil (for styling).

Any one can answer these questions, especially if you have/had experienced hormonal changes in general too.

I've worked so hard to have healthy, happy, shiny curls -- I am desperate!


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