I think it depends on your co workers. At different times, during my 10 years in the same office (& on different shifts), I have had co workers encourage it and ones fall apart over it. Normally the co workers who come in and rarely move, for the entire 12 hours, have a problems with it. One in particular claims it makes her a nervous wreck, and demands that you stop or sit down. She wants everyone motionless, in their chairs.

We have a separate room away from phones and radios (not too far) that has some small exercise equipment in it. You can go there and stretch or do whatever. I normally walk the stairs, and just move around for a bit.

Our employers are huge on this wellness kick, and want everyone to be healthy, yet want people in our office to only take 4 breaks during the 12 hour shift. I disagree. It is recommended by numerous doctors that people who work long shift should get up once an hour and move. Sitting that long, plus the stress, can cause major physical problems. We don't even get a real lunch break so I take my "30 minutes" for lunch, divide, and use it as extra short breaks.

I dare them to argue with my logic.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??