I'll start. I have 2c hair (3a on a good day.) I used to try a bunch of different natural recipies like apple cider vinegar, baking soda, etc, etc. They all either cleansed my hair too much or too little, even after the transition period. So I found a perfect balance of homemade stuff. Once a week, or more often if needed, I co-wash my scalp with my diy honey cleansing conditioner. (I have another thread on the recipe under all-natural hair care.) I completely rinse it out, then scrunch it dry with a microfiber towel, then apply coconut oil to my hair. It even makes the scrunch-squeeze noise. It surprisingly cleanses just enough while keeping my hair moisturized. That's it, no stylers. I pineapple my hair every night, and in the morning I use a spray bottle of water and spritz it until it's dripping, then apply a bit more coconut oil (while it dripping this time), and scrunch with the towel. I would be very interesting in hearing what everyone else's routines are. Thanks!

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