Love to read everyone's ideas on okra gel. It is truly my HG. You can add ingredients to the okra mix just as you would to FSG batch. I add guar gum for my thickner and magnesium flakes right after I have strained, while it's still hot.

I agree with kathymack on sucragel being a great additive. It just give great shine to my hair.

I feel that my 2nd day hair can also feel products if I reapply too much okra gel that morning. I feel sometimes that just 're-wetting reactivated the gel. The first day you can use a hearty amount, but 2nd is minute amounts.

Was wondering if anyone has tried honey instead of agave nectar. I wouldn't mind using something that mighte help lighten up my hair up a bit. It's soo dark, you really can't see my curls
2b/c CG since 8/12
I have low porosity and fine/med texture. Easily weighed down and VERY frizzy crown, with straighter under layers

Low-poo:TJ TTT, CJ GCS
LI/RO/DC: CK Satin Roots,Sevi Pumpkin, SSI Okra reconstructor, CJ SAC,CJ RM
Stylers: AG Recoil, JC SS
Jellies: CK Coil Jam, Okra gel(HG)
Gel: JC CC, Ouidad H&H gel, Ouidad moisture lock gel

Hair loves moisture protein.
MUST Pixie diffuse.

My hair dose NOT like oils, butters or polyquats Or glycerin in high dews