i do extra virgin coconut oil deep treatments. I find coconut oil to be very moisturizing.... Firefox... you're saying that oils don't moisturize? I always get confused about this. I always thought they did, or at least coconut oil does.
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I wonder if you are mixing up 'moisturising' with conditioning or emollience. Moisturising means increasing water (= moisture), oils repel water it is humectants that attract water. Deep treatments with coconut oil work by the lauric acid penetrating and reducing porosity, coating the hair in a thin layer of fatty acids and increasing elasticity so overall your hair may feel in better condition. The anti humectant property is not a bad thing as it might sound, you don't actually want too much water in the hair.

Some oils can form a semi permeable 'seal' so that water held by other moisturising ingredients (in a conditioner say) remains in the hair for a little longer, coconut is not the best for sealing. Oh, the exception is castor oil that does apparently have some humectant properties so can moisturise if used within a formula.
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Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
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