I'm curious as to whether any of you have gone from natural to relaxed and why you did it or do you regret it?

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Dec 2010, a relative was going through last bout of chemo and as support a few of us decided to cut our hair; I cut it all off and allowed it to grow naturally. I loved my hair until January 2013, I noticed it was getting harder to manage. Simply combing took hours. So I decided last week (June 2013) I was going to relax my hair. I used an olive olive lye relaxer and just did it. Hair came out straight, easier to manage but still heavy in the top. My partner and mom have been asking me to relax my hair for a year both were surprised and beyond pleased with results.

I woke up this morning missing my red curls but I guess it takes getting use to. I have pros and cons about either, but one thing in common no matter what you have to moisturize and maintain either way. I have pics from a year after cut to now.