My hair usually winds up in lots of little curls. It works for my hair, but I decided to see what clumping was all about, so I tried a modified super soaker. I was hoping it would help with product application as well, since I have so much trouble getting even distribution.

After applying my leave-in, I briefly ran the shower over my head, and then after applying BRHG I did the same. I now have one big curl on each side of my head, lol. The back looks more "normal" to me.

I'll see how this dries. I may or may not like the way it turns out, but it's going to be interesting,. After I put in the BRHG I could feel an immediate stickiness that I never felt doing it without the extra water. Maybe I washed out too much leave-in. I'll see how it goes and experiment some more.
Salt & pepper wavy mix 2B/2C
Low to normal porosity, coarse, kinky, normal elasticity
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