In my experience, you'd probably end up having to flat iron the fringe if you want it longer

Have you ever had short hair? because it is a big change, especially if you have never been super short before. If you've never had short hair, I'd suggest you shorten it gradually to see what you think.

I'd suggest going to a stylist you know and trust, show what direction you want to go (take LOADS of photos) and have them manipulate your hair and see what would work for you.

I go through phases of super short pixie for a few years, then growing it back out. This last time, growing it out has been a very uncomfortable journey - my curl pattern changed pretty significantly (which was a shock) and I had to learn how to treat my new curls. I've been growing my pixie out for the last 18 months, I've had two haircuts and I'm barely reaching my shoulders.
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