I really agree about the generation thing Bobby my guy's dad, uncles etc hate his curls. They tell him every time we see them to cut his hair short enough that it doesn't curl and make sure to comb it because curls are not professional on men and he will never get promoted unless he "does something" about his hair. Everyone my age (friends/coworkers) always comment on how nice his hair is. Even my grandmother said something along the line of "he has such beautiful curls, what a shame to waste them on a boy" her own son has curly hair, but she would comb his for childhood pictures and curl my aunts hair for hers. It's such a shame because I find curly hair on men so attractive, especially when they know how to care for it.
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I think the "knowing how to care for it" is half the battle. The problem is (and I was guilty of this too as I mentioned before) too many shun curly hair. I was dropping my kid off at school one day. One of the parents I see alternates between flat ironing and going with her natural curls. We were talking one day and she was saying how it takes longer to flatiron than go with curls. Pretty much confirmed what I thought. Although, one day I got called in for a job interview but didn't have time for a haircut so for that reason I wanted it to look more orderly so I blow-dried it, styled it with a round brush and curled it. However most days, I towel and air-dry it. Then I'll use curl shaping spray gel and tousle it.