Scrunched with a wet wash cloth, a bit of SMCM, and some curly sexy spray mousse. SOTC before dry with a little grapes seed oil. This is second day hair. Not the best, lol but that's okay! 7 Day Challenge - who's up for it?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1371054098.823502.jpg7 Day Challenge - who's up for it?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1371054194.787821.jpg
2a-2bFii NP?

Low poo: Deva Low-Poo, Jessicurl GLS, Moroccanoil Volumizing Shampoo, Aveda Be Curly
Condish: Cure Care, Redken Body Full, Deva One C, and Jessicurl Aloeba
LI: Aveda Be Curly Style Prep <3
Products: Deva FFVF & Jessicurl Spiralicious (LOVE), TRESemme Curl Boosting Mousse
Hairspray: Aussie Sprunch, TRESemme Curl
locking Spray
Experimenting with lots of products in my cabinet...

My hair loves protein, plopping, and diffusing! Trying to find a way to style and air dry.