Hi! I've tried doing the all natural, organic thing and I've decided it's not for me! My lifestyle right now just doens't have time for mixing, etc. So I'm going back to tried and true drugstore products. The following are up for sale!

90% used Aztec Healing Clay-$3.50
1/4lb Raw African Black Soap-$3
80% used Sweet Almond Oil-$7

The following ayurvedic powders from mountain rose herbs. Only about 1 tbs was used from most of them, except the Amla which I probably used 3 tbs.

4oz Slippery Elm-$6
1lb Amla-$10
4oz Neem-$3
4oz Brahmi (not in powder form but dried herbs)-$3.50
4oz Linden leaf and flower-$6
4oz Fenugreek-$2
4oz Saw Palmetto-$4

Thanks in advance!