Sorry to get off topic, but KM are you adding this to your fsg or okra gel? Can you freeze it? I know you have mentioned that you can not freeze the seamollient.

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You can't freeze either, so I haven't added it to FSG or okra gel. I started pouring a small amount of the SKB into my hands, emulsify and spread on hair as first or second layer. Today, I tried the SeaMollient, since I hadn't used it in a LONG time. SKB is infinitely better.

kathymack i'm also curious about the sea kelp and seamollient! Do you find they give you better frizz control than hard hold gels?
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While some of the boards suggested using the SKB as an only product, I found it to be terrible. I consider it an ingredient and not a product.

I don't use/need hard hold gel, so can't answer that--or the fact that I don't need one and I use these ingredients might be an answer.
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