On the plus side, I'm redoing my hair tonight to go out, so I get a chance to redeem myself. Seriously every one of my co-workers this morning exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, your hair! It's straight!!!"
Needless to say, Volumax Mega Gel will be getting a new home very shortly.
Originally Posted by Corrina777
Okay, so you and I had a truly bad hair day on this thread, lol! Did you save your Sally's receipt? They took my Biotera gel back, no problem. I actually like the Volumax so far----so twin, we finally have a couple products that don't sync with our hair!
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I have a very good friend on a tight pre-wedding budget and she happens to be a curly with a wavy daughter, so I usually just pass stuff on to her. I'm sure if I could get the hang of using such a thick gel again I would be fine with it, but I've gotten much too used to thinner consistency gels. I made the switch from thick clumpy gels over a year ago, and that was when I still had the longer hair. Too much learning curve required right now

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